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Qualification Process

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Complete an application form and upload required qualification data in DICOM format

Qualification Submission Review

A review will be conducted by the protocol team once a complete application and full qualification image dataset has been received

Qualification Results

Results of the image review will be emailed to the registered user


Instructions/pdf application and instructions


The two main categories for ACRIN's scanner-specific qualification program are Brain Imaging and Body Imaging. Each main category has three qualification sub-categories: Quantitative Imaging, Dynamic Imaging, and Imaging with Blood Sampling. The required qualification will be determined for each clinical trial involving PET/CT imaging.

Brain Blood Sampling Requirements

FLT Body Requirements

PET Body Requirements

PET Brain Requirements

PET CT Body Imaging Application


The MRI/CT Core Laboratory is chaired by Mark Rosen, MD, PhD, from the University of Pennsylvania. Already involved with several ACRIN trials, it provides specialized expertise in these modalities from physicians and other imaging specialists.

General Application


Our collection of frequently asked questions

Starting Monday April 19th 2021, to log into QUIC using your Okta account please see instructions listed here.

Click the Upload Files button for the exam that you are working on. The Exam Name must be saved before uploading files.

Chrome & FireFox:  Select the root folder in windows explorer, drag and drop the folder to the green outlined box on the File Uploader window.

Internet Explorer:   Select the file(s) in windows explorer, drag and drop the files to the green outlined box on the File Uploader window.


Click the green outlined box on the File Uploader window to open the File Upload dialog window to select the files.

** Note: It is recommended to use Chrome or FireFox and upload the entire exam folder if it consists of a large amount of files and/or sub-folders

The maximum number of files per upload is 6000

The maximum size per file is 100MB

The maximum size per upload is 1GB

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